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Beautiful colors and original motifs are indispensable advantages of custom wall murals from EXTRADECOR.

    On our website you will see beautiful themes that will change any room in your home. Enthusiasts of the interior in a classic spirit, as well as unusual arrangements will certainly find something they like here. These wall murals are characterized by an unusual decorative potential, making them an ideal option when arranging any room. Another plus for wall murals is that they visually increase the dimensions of the room, creating a sense of depth. 3D wall murals are decorations that can work wonders even in a small interior. For people looking for unconventional solutions, we recommend photo wallpapers showing flowers and abstractions. Custom-made wall murals from EXTRADECOR are at attractive prices, using the best quality materials.

Wall murals - perfect decoration in any room.

    Will wall murals be a good solution in any room? The answer is yes - vinyl wall murals are able to hide almost that all the imperfections of the walls. When deciding on bedroom wall murals, special attention should be paid to keeping them in subdued colors. Thanks to this decoration, your bedroom will become a perfect place to relax and wind down.

Adjust the wall mural to your wall.

    The wall mural is a large-format decoration that will decorate even the most boring interior. On our site you will find a collection of wall murals, which you can adapt lightly to your room, because all wall murals are printed to individual dimensions. The advantage of custom-made wall murals is that you can decorate the entire wall or a fragment of it. When choosing such a decoration for the whole wall, it is worth trying a wall mural with an interesting pattern, for example, geometric or 3D figures. All themes are also available with a black and white effect. We strongly encourage you to familiarize yourself with our wall murals!

Non-woven wall mural and its amazing properties.

    Non-woven wall murals - they are characterized by excellent air permeability and at the same time very easy to install - just spread the wall with glue and put the wallpaper. Due to its properties, non-woven fabric will be an excellent choice for a bedroom or a child's room. Non-woven wall mural is matt, perfectly strengthens the wall and prevents cracks. You can easily stick it on the walls made of plasterboard. If you are looking for a simple and modern wall decoration, non-woven wall mural is the best option. Easy and quick wall mounting means that you can save time and stick it yourself, without additional expenses for professionals.