Wall murals wallpaper  |  Free shipping

How to order a sample?

1. Find the wallpaper that you would like a sample of.
2. Click the SAMPLE ORDER tab.
3. Fill the forms & click ADD TO CART.

Wall Murals sample has the size 100cm * 30cm.

Wall Murals Samples are charged at €12.00 on "SMOOTH" or "EASYSTICK" textures, and €30.00 on "STUCCO", "SHELL" and "MOON" textures.

Wall Murals Samples are shipped free worldwide.

Each sample consists of a 10 times reduced image - up to 50cm * 30cm, and a fragment printed on a 1:1 scale.
For example, a Dandelion wall mural sample will looks like below.

wall mural sample photo
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